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this is the face of a new revolution. we have come for your youth. we have come for our freedom. we love life but are not afraid to die. we embrace peace, but are not afraid to fight. wherever the mind is repressed, there will be a rebellion of the mind. wherever a people are oppressed, the people will rise. we do not except your standard of living. your control systems. your lies. we are no longer your children, but the children of the stars. we have seen truth and come to know ourselves. we are no longer afraid of our bodies. we reject your synthetic standards for self image and cultural bigotry. we fuck who we please, when and how we want. we dress as we please. we wear our skin openly and with pride. we are no longer afraid of our minds. we reject the hive conditioning you mix with diluted information and mask as education. we embrace our own education, our own synthesis of knowledge. the truth of experiences you fear. the knowledge in books your schools will never see. the wisdom contained in substances that you violate our human rights for using, while promoting the cultural saturation of medicines and foods that are far more addictive and poisonous. all we ask is to live and die as all living things should, in freedom. you have denied us the most basic and vital of rights. now we follow the course of nature, pushing through the cracks until your walls crumble and life crashes through your fragile order and sense of control. on that day, you will know the truth to these words. on that day, the earth will shatter and be reborn. on that day, men and gods will love and war side by side. on that day, we will have our freedom. this is icon. a mutable entity envoked to wage war on apathy, fear, and opression. icon serves no ego, yet is ego in essence. icon is sex, magic, drugs, vitality, spirit, love, strength, and a guidelight to those who would transform to become the gnostic warrior. those of you who have been awakened in the past feel the stirring again. life drowns our senses if we let it, taking away the power of true awareness; the clarity of knowing your body and mind in whole, the crystalline thoughts, the passion of being, the return to gnosis. do you remember? time is surging around us and soon we crest again as never before. are you ready? are you awake? 11:11

remember: cee cypher. look deeper. find your way in?

t o p u t i t c o u n t r y s i m p l e , t h i s i s t h e f a c e o f s o m e t h i n g r e a l r e v o l u t i o n d o y o u w a n t i t ? m a k e c o n t a c t . s h o w y o u r h e a r t . e a r n y o u r b l a d e .

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